Call for Interest – Communications Advisory Board

The National Board of the CBC PNA is seeking to fill six to eight positions on a newly created Communications Advisory Board (CAB).

Reporting to the PNA National Board of Directors this new working group will be charged with assisting the Communications Coordinator (CC) of the PNA to develop and support an overall PNA editorial policy and a communications strategy, aid the CC in specific communications endeavours and help in the generation and gathering of material for both the CONTACT newsletter and

CAB membership is voluntary with an estimated workload of 3-4 hours week, over an initial 6-month period.

General Qualifications and Proposed Profile:

  • CAB members will be drawn from the PNA membership across Canada.
  • Diversity of vocation will be considered, including but not limited to: journalists; communications, legal and administrative professionals; technical trades and other relevant occupations;
  • To encourage broader member engagement, fresh voices and a wider range of experience, candidates will be drawn primarily from members who are not already serving as elected officials in chapter, regional and national bodies or as appointed officials in the PNA.
  • Board member selection will observe the principles of gender equity, diversity, inclusion and regional, cultural and linguistic balance.
  • Ability to converse in both official languages will be considered an asset, but not a prerequisite.

To submit your name as a candidate for the CAB, please send a brief email letter outlining your interest and your work experience to: John Mang, Interim Chair, Communications Advisory Board, with a copy to Dianne St-Germain at Please also copy your local Regional PNA President.


Larry O’Brien, Newfoundland & Labrador              –

Geoff Turnbull, Maritimes                                          –

Jean-Claude Labrecque, Québec                               –

Kerry Adams, National Capital                                  –

Gerald Head, Ontario                                                  –

Ernie Nairn, Manitoba                                                –

Robert Forrow, Alberta, Sask. & NWT                    –

John Mang, British Columbia & NWT                     –