Communications Coordinator – A unique opportunity!

We’re looking for someone who can help the CBC Pensioners National Association (PNA) to improve its communications.

The Communication’s Coordinator will work with a small Advisory Board in close cooperation with the PNA National Executive, the National Board, the National Office staff and the Regional Executives, to develop and implement an editorial policy and a communications strategy aimed at creating consistent and relevant communications to its members and marketing the benefits of PNA membership to non-members.

The successful candidate will be engaged for an initial period of six months, with the possibility of renewal after performance appraisal. Qualified candidates who are members of the PNA will be given preference. The successful candidate must be fluently bilingual in both French and English.

Ideally the Communications Coordinator will:

  • Be a proven self-starter with demonstrated leadership ability and the capacity to work effectively both independently and as part of a team.
  • Have demonstrated relevant editorial and production and communication skills.
  • Help to generate, gather, and edit content for the PNA’s national newsletter CONTACT, to be circulated electronically and as hard copy.
  • Help to generate, gather, and edit content for the PNA’s national website,
  • Generate news releases for internal and external distribution as hard copy and electronically.
  • When required take and/or gather digital photos and prepare them for publication in hard copy and electronically.
  • Research and write stories and/or backgrounders on issues and events of significance to the PNA.
  • Adhere to normal standards of accuracy, fairness, and balance.

The Communications Coordinator, working with the Communications Advisory Board and other stakeholders, will play a major role in helping to create an overall communications strategy and related policies. As part of the ongoing role, the Coordinator will also assess:

  • How the PNA communicates today and with whom.
  • What the PNA does well and where it needs to improve.
  • From a communications perspective, what the PNA needs to do better in order to deliver on its priorities.
  • How the PNA can communicate better internally and develop learn from each other on best practices, etc.
  • To what degree the PNA should participate more fully in social media and how.

Other key tasks will include the gathering of information on issues and events of significance to the PNA; commission and edit material written by others and coordinate the exchange of material between the regions and chapters.

To submit your name as a candidate for the paid position of Communications Coordinator, please send a brief email letter outlining your interest and your work experience no later than November 30, 2021 to: Dianne St-Germain at, with a copy to John Mang, Interim Chair of the Communications Advisory Board, at . Please also copy your local Regional PNA President:


Larry O’Brien, Newfoundland & Labrador              –

Geoff Turnbull, Maritimes                                          –

Jean-Claude Labrecque, Québec                               –

Kerry Adams, National Capital                                  –

Gerald Head, Ontario                                                  –

Ernie Nairn, Manitoba                                                –

Robert Forrow, Alberta, Sask. & NWT                     –

John Mang, British Columbia & NWT                     –