Standing Committee on Recruitment

The National Board of Directors has established a Standing Committee on Recruitment.  The Committee will be made up of one representative from each of our eight regions, a member from the Diversity and Inclusion Committee, and a representative from our surviving spousal community.

As a member of the Standing Committee on Recruitment, you will be participating in the following:

  • Review and assess recruitment programs, best practices and share these with other members of the Standing Committee
  • Contribute to the development and establishment of recruitment priorities within the PNA. Once approved by the Board of Directors, relay and implement these to your region and chapters
  • Review policies and procedures, and assess their impact on recruitment within the PNA.
  • Contribute to the business case to submit to the Board and other bodies within the PNA for consideration and approval adhering to the standard policy review process.
  • Build and continue to build on easy reference materials for use in regions
  • Analyse data to identify opportunities and issues
  • Work on adaptable tools (pre-retirement seminars, brochures, communications campaigns, program for target retiree group)
  • Ensure messaging emphasizes the advantages of being a member of the PNA
  • At the regional level, identify opportunities to collaborate with CBC and Unions, and with your Board, develop relationships with CBC and Union Leaders
  • Identify succession plans within your region
  • With your Regional Board, coordinate recruitment activities within your region and chapters and involve other members who would like to assist. Follow-up and report on these.

Initial term will be a minimum of 1.5 years for half of the Committee members and 3 years for the other half in order to sustain continuity.  Subsequent terms will be for three years. 

If you are elected as Chair of this Standing Committee, in addition to the responsibilities outlined above, you will also:

  • Be the voice of the Standing Committee and speak on the Committee’s behalf to the Board of Directors, Executive, and other work teams as defined and needed
  • Provide reports to the National Executive upon request with a copy to the full Board of Directors.
  • On behalf of the Standing Committee, seek advice, guidance, and direction from the Board of Directors, and the National Executive
  • Provide reports (written and verbal) to the Board of Directors at National PNA meetings
  • Submit work plans and budget requests to the Board of Directors for approval
  • As per established procedures, submit reviews to policies to the Board for its review and approval.

If you are interested in joining, please do not hesitate to contact your Regional President or the Interim Chair Suzanne Cunningham, at