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Cost of Living Adjustment

2021 - The cost of Living Adjustment is 1.04%

Virtual Health Network Now Available

As of today, CBC pensioners and employees have access to a virtual health network. The Pensioners National Association along with the CBC and its Unions have agreed to provide the confidential service free of charge.

Virtual Health Network Now Available

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Our office is open on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

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Our history

The Association has been in existence since early 1985. From its inception it has enjoyed a privileged relationship with the CBC.

Our history

Our mission, vision, and values

The CBC Pensioners National Association is the sole voice for all CBC pensioners, an active advocate and defender of pensioners' rights, benefits, and a reliable source of information on matters of interest to its membership.

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Important Notice: Travel Insurance & Coronavirus

TRAVEL INSURANCE COVERAGE UPDATE - Both Johnson and RSA Canada are monitoring the impact closely, and we are regularly reviewing our current coverages to determine how they are impacted by this evolving situation.

Travel Insurance Update

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Latest News

Dialogue pilot to end

The pilot project that allowed CBC retirees and employees on-line access to a virtual health network is coming to an end. Dialogue was introduced on a trial basis last April and provided access to services such as the filling and renewal of prescriptions, request blood work or a referral to a specialist, consultation for minor conditions (allergies, […]

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Information on Mesothelioma (exposure to asbestos)

CBC Winnipeg retiree Warren Weldon has shared some very important information for anyone who has worked at CBC Winnipeg and contracted Mesothelioma. Mesothelioma can be caused by exposure to asbestos.  It begins as tumors in the pleura area – a thin membrane with fluid that surrounds the lungs – which leads to restrictive breathing among […]

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Preparing for your COVID-19 vaccine appointment

(NC) Feeling nervous about your COVID-19 vaccine appointment? It’s more common than you think and nothing to be embarrassed about. But don’t let that stop you from getting your shot when it’s available to you. Here are some tips to help you feel prepared, comfortable and to ensure a positive experience. Choose the strategies that […]

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Can you trust online product reviews?

(NC) Online shopping is convenient in so many ways, and when you can’t see the product in person, online reviews often seem like the best way to get a sense of the item. However, it’s important to stay skeptical when reading online reviews. Many are paid endorsements where the reviewer has no knowledge of the […]

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Expert tips on starting a vegetable garden

(NC) Ready to start your own vegetable garden this year? It can be daunting at first, but gardening is an incredibly rewarding hobby to get into. If you have never tasted garden-fresh vegetables you will be amazed by the sweet, juicy flavours and vibrant textures. There’s absolutely nothing quite like fresh veggies, especially when you […]

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Home Sweet Home

It may sound strange, but the challenges of COVID-19 have actually made a positive difference in my life.  After spending so much of the last 25 years at CBC/Radio-Canada in planes, trains and hotels – being retired and spending so much time at home has not been a hardship. What has made this early part […]

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Pandemic Polling

More than 13,000 people worked at 1,100 polls during last October’s provincial election in Saskatchewan.  Among them was retired CBC staffer Paul Grant, who filed this report on pandemic-style polling.  The way our polling place was set up, you’d think Saskatchewan invented social distancing.  Three polling stations were spaced across one end of the half-acre […]

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