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The Special Assistance Fund - IMPORTANT CHANGES

While there have been some administrative changes, CBC pensioners and employees continue to have access the Special Assistance Fund (SAF) which was established to help cover costs of medical services and devices not covered by group health plans.

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Our history

The Association has been in existence since early 1985. From its inception it has enjoyed a privileged relationship with the CBC.

Our history

Our mission, vision, and values

The CBC Pensioners National Association is the sole voice for all CBC pensioners, an active advocate and defender of pensioners' rights, benefits, and a reliable source of information on matters of interest to its membership.

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Latest News

Message sent to Duncan Burrill, Pension Fund on behalf of the PNA

Duncan, On behalf of the CBC Pensioners National Association, I want to offer sincere congratulations on being named winner of the Investment Officer of the Year, as part of the Canadian Investment Review’s Pension Leadership Awards. This is a testament to your leadership and skill. PNA members can be assured that their pension is in […]

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CBC’s Vice President of People and Culture has released a statement about the status of the CBC Pension Plan (Update on the CBC Pension Plan – iO CBC_Radio-Canada-april 19 2023). In it, he confirms that the Plan is in a surplus position and that the Corporation will be taking another pension contribution holiday this year. While he […]

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Micheline Provost, Interim Francophone Vice-President

I am pleased to announce the appointment of Micheline Provost as Interim Francophone Vice-President of the PNA. Micheline had a lengthy career with Radio-Canada until her retirement in 2009. She was President of the Syndicat des communications de Radio-Canada and, since 2018, Micheline has been Vice-President of the Association québécoise des retraités(e)s de Radio-Canada. Micheline […]

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Sharing the Pension Plan Surplus: Update on the Memorandum of Agreement Arbitration

Dear members, After more than a year of hearings, all that remains is a decision as to whether CBC pensioners and employees will get a share of last year’s declared pension plan surplus. The arbitrator, Justice Dennis O’Connor, has directed the parties to submit arguments in writing between now and April 12. A final hearing […]

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Why I Joined the CBC Pensioners’ Association: A Surviving Spouse’s Story

It has been almost a decade since my husband, Paddy Gregg, died leaving me to navigate life in a suddenly lonely and uncertain world. I remember the blur of demands that followed his death and the many decisions that had to be made about the funeral, insurance, taxes and so on. But one thing I […]

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Announcement of the PNA Interim President

Dear members, Following Alain Pineau’s resignation, Donald Langis, currently the Francophone Vice-President, will assume the duties of Interim President of the CBC PNA, effective immediately. He will be supported by the members of the board to ensure a smooth transition and to provide continued service and support to our members. We would like to thank Alain […]

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CHOICE Hotels – Program discontinued

Choice Hotels Canada has informed us that effective January 21, 2023 they are terminating the CBC Pensioners National Association discount program.

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