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Cost of Living Adjustment

2021 - The cost of Living Adjustment is 1.04%

Virtual Health Network Now Available

As of today, CBC pensioners and employees have access to a virtual health network. The Pensioners National Association along with the CBC and its Unions have agreed to provide the confidential service free of charge.

Virtual Health Network Now Available

The office of the CBC Pensioners National Association is open for our members

Our office is open on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Our office is open

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Our history

The Association has been in existence since early 1985. From its inception it has enjoyed a privileged relationship with the CBC.

Our history

Our mission, vision, and values

The CBC Pensioners National Association is the sole voice for all CBC pensioners, an active advocate and defender of pensioners' rights, benefits, and a reliable source of information on matters of interest to its membership.

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Important Notice: Travel Insurance & Coronavirus

TRAVEL INSURANCE COVERAGE UPDATE - Both Johnson and RSA Canada are monitoring the impact closely, and we are regularly reviewing our current coverages to determine how they are impacted by this evolving situation.

Travel Insurance Update

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When you become a member of the CBC PNA, you’ll receive invitations to upcoming events where you can connect with other pensioners, save money through our affinity programs, gain access to our helpful pensioner support staff, and have your say in the issues affecting you and other pensioners.

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Johnson Insurance 2021 Scholarship Program

Johnson Insurance 2021 Scholarship Program Opened April 15th, 2021 Building on our History of Supporting Customers and Communities. For many Canadian students, the jump from high school to post-secondary education is a thrilling transition into adulthood, but one that comes with new financial responsibilities. At Johnson, we understand the challenges faced by students during their […]

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Elections of PNA Officers – May 2021  

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Here is what I’ve been up to! Gino Piazza

  Welcome everyone and like my fellow co-workers I have been quite busy since retirement. I normally hum or sing the song Eight Days a Week as 7 is just not enough and I thought retirement would be a slow process! Lately, I have been putting in more time working on our home. Since we […]

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Here is what I’ve been up to – Bob Steele

Many knew Bob as the host of the afternoon radio show ‘Afternoon Drive’. What many may not know is that he had a long career as a touring musician/composer before joining the CBC in 1987. He played in several groups and toured throughout Ontario and Mid-West USA. After retiring from the CBC there was another […]

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Here is what I’ve been up to! Dan Kennedy

Hello fellow retirees, I hope everyone is well.  I feel like my days spent tech-in for Radio Noon when it was a farm show with Barbara Peacock and Herb Colling prepared me well for being in a pandemic. All those ag stories about composting, hydroponics, crop rotation and greenhouse crops had influenced me.  Since my […]

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1 in 3 Canadians are targets of financial fraud during the pandemic

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, fraudsters are taking advantage of people by preying on fears and using misinformation. In fact, one in three Canadians indicated they have been targeted by attempts to obtain their financial information through phishing or hacking, according to data from the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada. Some common scams can include […]

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