The Pre-Halloween Election

By Howard Simpson
PNA Representative - Canadian Coalition for Retirement Security

As we must all know by now, a federal election will be held in late October - - remarkably close to Halloween. Why do we care about this timing? Because these two dates could have something in common - the return from the dead.
By now, everyone must have seen at least one iteration of the “Friday the 13th” horror series featuring slasher Freddie Kruger and some pretty young girl being terrified out of her mind. Freddie is eventually killed off but somehow he keeps returning year after year to terrify more innocent young girls.  Click here to read more.....

Letter from Bob Waller of Mississauga to his Liberal MP


New PNA Website - coming soon!


As reported in the April issue of Contact, the PNA hired Xactly Advertising and Design, an Ottawa based communications consultant, to review the PNA’s messaging and digital strategies including a total redesign of the Association’s website as well as an update of brochures, posters and retirement kit.

In our discussions with Xactly, it was agreed that a new and improved website would assist the PNA in achieving the following outcomes:

  • Better recruitment tool to attract non-members
  • Improved accessibility and search functionality
  • Valuable digital resource for members
  • Content focused on the history of the CBC and the contribution that its pensioners made to cultural, political and technological events and progress
  • Content that reflects the dynamic nature of PNA members (promotion of upcoming events, photos of current members and activities) to support a stronger sense of relevancy
  • Aesthetic and functional design changes with integration of animation and movement elements as well as increased font sizes for the visually impaired

We are happy to report that we are making good progress towards delivering on the above-mentioned outcomes.  We are confident that you will be pleased with the final product and look forward to sharing the new website with you in the near future.



Update from the Surviving Spouses Pension Fairness Coalition

During the recent MP letter campaign, the Co-Chairs of the Surviving Spouse Pension Coalition learned of a serious misunderstanding. Some retirees, who are affected, may believe they are not.

If you did not write to your MP, or even if you did, the Co-Chairs have some important points to clarify.

You can read their message here.


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CCSB Agreement on Pension Surplus and Health Care Benefits

The agreement deals with two distinct elements: the sharing of future pension plan surpluses and the management of the rising cost of health care benefits for employees. The details pertaining to the latter element are not included in the present document, as this matter does not affect the pensioners.

Memorandum of Understanding

We have negotiated a Memorandum of Understanding with the CBC which describes our relationship with the Corporation and the terms and conditions under which we work together. It has been renewed and updated several times since its inception in 2001.