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Misappropriation of our money on the horizon

The document below was released on January 10th by the Syndicat des communications de Radio-Canada (FNC-CSN) which represents most union employees in CBC French services. The communique is in response to positions taken by the CBC at and following meetings with the Corporation to review the Memorandum of Agreement which establishes the rules for the […]

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Pension Surplus Sharing Agreement Update

In mid-December, the Pensioners National Association along with the English and French Unions of the CBC concluded discussions with the Corporation on the Memorandum of Agreement on surplus sharing and cost management of the employees’ Supplementary Health Care Plan. The Parties were unable to reach agreement on any amendments. In early December, the PNA attempted […]

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Rogers Wireless Affinity Plan Update

Update As you may know, in 2015 we negotiated an agreement with Rogers Wireless to offer CBC PNA members 30% off their share-everything wireless plans.   This was the first time Rogers had offered such an affinity program to pensioners from a large corporation.  Many of you took advantage of this deal. Rogers has recently moved […]

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Partnered with Perkopolis

Click on the image below to see the instructions on how to register on the Perkopolis website.  If you have issues with the registration you can call Customer Service: Perkopolis hours are: Monday – 9am to 5pm est. Tuesday to Thursday – 9am to 7pm est. Friday – 9am to 5pm est. Saturday – 10am to 4pm est. Sunday – […]

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Beware of Scammers!

Scam artists are using phone numbers from more than a dozen federal government departments to defraud Canadians — making it look as if the calls are coming from legitimate government agencies and police departments — CBC News has learned. Some of the calls tell potential victims that their social insurance numbers have been compromised. Others are told […]

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