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Pension Plan surplus sharing agreement – Suspension of the mediation process?

Efforts to mediate a dispute between the CBC and the PNA and its Unions over the validity of the Memorandum of Agreement on Pension Surplus Sharing have so far failed to reach a settlement. Nevertheless, the mediators from Canada’s Federal Mediation and Conciliation Services have asked the parties to agree to a suspension of the […]

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(This news concerns only those pensioners who subscribe to the supplementary health care plan)  It’s been a challenging year for supplementary health care plans (SHCP) plans in general, and the Pensioners Plan is no exception. For the second year in a row, we forecast a deficit. To the end of August, benefit costs have amounted […]

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The Minister of Labour has appointed two high-ranking civil servants to do the mediation regarding the Memorandum of Agreement on the surplus sharing of the Pension Plan. Peter Simpson, General Director of the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service, and Robert Bellerose, Regional Director for Québec, have been appointed last month. The initial meetings, which will […]

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Communications Coordinator – A unique opportunity!

We’re looking for someone who can help the CBC Pensioners National Association (PNA) to improve its communications. The Communication’s Coordinator will work with a small Advisory Board in close cooperation with the PNA National Executive, the National Board, the National Office staff and the Regional Executives, to develop and implement an editorial policy and a […]

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Call for Interest – Communications Advisory Board

The National Board of the CBC PNA is seeking to fill six to eight positions on a newly created Communications Advisory Board (CAB). Reporting to the PNA National Board of Directors this new working group will be charged with assisting the Communications Coordinator (CC) of the PNA to develop and support an overall PNA editorial […]

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