Representatives & PNA Staff


Susan Graham

Employee Assistance Program Representative

Alain Pineau

Pension Board of Trustees Representative

Dan Oldfield

Dan Oldfield

Consultative Committee on Staff Benefits Representative

Marc-Philippe Laurin

Consultative Committee on Staff Benefits Observer

CBC Pensioners National Association

Dianne St-Germain

Dianne St-Germain


Suzie Bougie

Suzie Bougie


Communications Advisory Board

John Mang

Catherine Schellenberg

Maud Beaulieu

Talin Vartanian

Micheline Savoie

Steve Athey

Claude Morin

Rich Knowles

Standing Committee on Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Ron Charles


Gail Carducci


Geoff Turnbull

Len Whyte

Linda Gillan-Young

Madeleine Champagne

Rochelle Porter

Fran Cutler

Janice Stein

Standing Committee on Recruitment

Debbie Hussey


Phil Peck


Micheline Provost

Christine Morris

Geoff Turnbull

Rachel Forbes

Lutz Walsh

Doug Marks

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