Governance Documents

Click on the following links to download PDF documents for our Memorandum of Understanding, Bylaws, Financial Statements, and Operating Policies. If you have any questions about any of the below or wish to request additional information, please contact us.

CBC Pensioners National Association
Three-Year Action Plan (2018-2021)

Strategic Objectives



Develop new PNA messaging using Mission/Vision/Values statements


  1. Review PNA messaging and digital strategy.
  2. Update brochures, posters, retirement kits.
  3. Review and update PNA Website to be more current and to facilitate future design changes.
  4. Develop a strong social media presence.


Achieve recruitment goal of 55% membership within 3 years


  1. Establish contacts and build relationships with CBC/SRC Union leaders to acquire names and contact information of soon-to-be-retirees.
  2. Explore the possibility of offering pre-retirement seminars in partnership with Unions and the CBC.


Improve governance of the PNA


  1. Update PNA By-Laws to correct inconsistencies.
  2. Create succession plans at all levels, staff and boards, to ensure stability and continuity on an ongoing basis.
  3. Submit annual regional financial statements to the National Treasurer.


Advocate internally and externally for the well-being of CBC/SRC pensioners


  1. Continue to build upon and maintain a respectful and meaningful working relationship with CBC/SRC senior management.
  2. Participate proactively in the 10-year review of the MOA relating to the Pension Plan surplus sharing.
  3. Maintain active participation as member of the Canadian Coalition for Retirement Security in opposing Bill C-27 and any future legislation that could modify and/or convert defined benefit pension plans.
  4. Provide support and resources to the Surviving Spouses Pension Fairness Coalition in achieving goal of providing pension benefits to post-retirement surviving spouses.
  5. Maintain efforts to improve the Supplementary Health Care Plan by increasing benefits, lowering costs and opening plan to new subscribers.

Official Symbol

While admiring our logo, many members have been curious about the concept behind it and the thought process which led to its development by designer Pierre Kohler. The following is an illustrated version of his explanation of the evolution of our logo and the conditions for usage.

A portion of the current CBC logo was selected
The selected subject was rotated to give it a floral appearance, an aura of expansiveness and balance.
Two parts of the subject were modified to accentuate the notion of expansiveness and openness.
The subject was enclosed in a circular shape to symbolize inclusiveness and protection. The subject is positioned off-centre to create a dynamic effect.

Using Conditions (Use and Application of our Corporate Identification)

Our logo, in conjunction with our name, is the primary identification of the CBC Pensioners National Association. Each element has been conceived with great care and consideration to ensure the best visual quality and maximum effectiveness. it is therefore imperative that the integrity of the design be protected.

In order to ensure that appropriate standards of application be maintained, the National Board of Directors of the CBC Pensioners National Association has approved the following guidelines:

The logo, whether in concert with our name or not, can only be used on those items that are considered acceptable to represent the CBC Pensioners National Association, and that have been approved by the National Executive or a Regional Executive.

  • There can be no variation in the colour of the logo except that it may be reproduced in black and white.
  • There can be variation in the graphic style of the logo.
  • There can be no variation in the typeface (although there can be variation in colour) when the name of the Association is used with the logo.
  • There can be variation in size.
  • The logo may be used as a component within another application – for example as is currently the case in the title of contact or the introduction of our website.


Questions concerning the use of the logo or the entire CBC PNA identifier should be directed to the President.