Mission, Vision, and Values


The CBC Pensioners National Association is the sole voice for all CBC pensioners, an active advocate and defender of pensioners’ rights, benefits, and a reliable source of information on matters of interest to its membership.


“Our Commitment to You”

The CBC Pensioners National Association (PNA) supports and enhances the general economic well-being of all CBC Pensioners.  It maintains a mutually respectful and meaningful working relationship with the CBC and other organizations that share common vision and goals.  It also provides interaction and social connections for its members.  The PNA strives to be a diverse and inclusive association.


  • Transparency – governance, policies and elected executive
  • Accountability – responsible to the membership for our actions
  • Collaboration – accomplish more when we work together
  • Respect – culture of diversity, dignity, inclusiveness, mutual respect
  • Integrity – openness and honesty
  • Fairness – impartial and just treatment for all
  • Care and compassion – create a sense of belonging and social connection