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Technology Corner – Television

My 12yr old plasma TV finally bit the dust! Despite decades working for CBC, I’m embarrassed to say, I was not too up to date on all the new TV technology available to consumers these days. For those of you in the same situation, here’s some info I gathered while researching my purchase. Download file.

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CBC PNA – NL at Ronald McDonald House

Wow, what cooking talent there is in the CBC Pensioners Association in St. John’s. That was evident on the afternoon of Tuesday, June 12th when a seven member team of CBC pensioners cooked a fabulous shepherd’s pie at the Ronald McDonald House as part of the Home for Dinner program. Each pensioner donned an apron […]

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Tips to survive a heat wave

(NC) Most of us enjoy everything our short summers have to offer. But a heat wave can make even the biggest warm-weather enthusiasts long for winter. Stay cool and comfortable with these tips from Health Canada. Understand heat illnesses. Hot temperatures can be dangerous and lead to heat illnesses such as heat exhaustion, heat fainting, heat […]

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CBC Pension Plan – Highlights 2017

CBC Pension Plan – Highlights 2017 Download file.

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Easy ways to keep your brain active

(NC) Like exercising your body, exercising your brain is also important. Keeping your mind active and engaged may help reduce your risk of dementia. Here are some fun things you can do every day. Puzzle games. Research shows that people who do word puzzles and brain teasers score better on tests measuring cognitive abilities like attention, […]

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