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National Seniors Day – October 1

National Seniors Day is October 1 This is an occasion for all Canadians to join in celebrating older adults across Canada—whether a parent, a co-worker, a neighbour or a friend. The Government of Canada is proud to acknowledge the lifelong contributions seniors in Canada have made and continue to make to their families, communities and […]

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News regarding the newsletter The Transmitter

Dear fellow CBC Radio-Canada retirees. A big update came out of our Regional PNA (Alta, Sask, NWT) AGM on September 14! Sorry, it’s not about the pension surplus…but it is about our Newsletter, The Transmitter. In the past, the Transmitter team out of Regina, with editor Joanne Skidmore, did a great job.  Since Joanne has […]

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Ontario Elections 2022 Candidates Messages

Gail Carducci – candidate for the President’s position Experience with PNA Since October of 2019, it’s been my privilege to represent our Toronto members as a Director on the Ontario Region Board. When I joined, I imagined the role would be primarily to organize events for our members. Those plans changed with the arrival of […]

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Dear members, The purpose of this communique is to provide an update on three issues on which representatives of the CBC Pensioners National Association (PNA) have worked in recent weeks: Improved relations with CBC/Radio-Canada; Sharing the surplus of the Pension Fund; Post-retirement spouses. Some files are moving forward as a result of our interventions, and […]

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Wildfire smoke in your home: what you need to know about using portable air purifiers

(NC) Wildfires have become too common for many of us. Even if you’re far from the flames, or in a different province, you might be wondering what to do about the smoke that can get inside your home through windows, doors, vents and other openings. It can be a risk to your health. Seniors, pregnant […]

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