3 ways retirees can earn extra income

Retirement can be a great season of life, filled with travel and time spent with loved ones. But funding new adventures on top of everyday living can get expensive, so many retirees seek out low-commitment ways to make money. Here are some inspiring ideas for retirees looking to earn extra cash:

  1. Join the sharing economy. The internet has created so many opportunities to connect with others. You can use a home-sharing site to rent your house or apartment for a few days while you’re away on vacation or for a whole season if you’re a snowbird.
  2. Try the media industry. Whether you missed your true calling as an actor or clam up in front of the camera, there are plenty of interesting jobs in media for everyone. If you live in a bigger city, you can be an extra for a local commercial or film production. If you’re in a smaller town, you can write articles or restaurant reviews for your community newspaper. Writing for a blog or becoming a voiceover artist for radio commercials or corporate videos are other jobs you can do remotely from any location.
  3. Look for temporary government jobs. The federal government offers part-time jobs in communities across Canada during election periods and census years. Applications for enumerators and crew leaders for the upcoming census open in January 2021, with start dates in April 2021. Find more information at census.gc.ca/jobs.