Appointments to the Communications Advisory Board

The CBC Pensioners National Association (PNA) is happy to announce the creation of a Communications Advisory Board (CAB) and the appointment by the PNA Board of its first six volunteer members.

Along with the hiring of a part time Communications Coordinator, the creation of the CAB was recommended to the PNA Board of Directors by the ad-hoc committee on communications which prepared that discussion at the virtual triennial convention in May 2021.

Reporting to the PNA National Board of Directors, the CCC is made up entirely of volunteers from the Association. Its mandate is to assist the Communications Coordinator (CC) to develop and support an overall PNA editorial policy and a communications strategy, to aid the CC in specific communications endeavours and to help in the generation and gathering of material for both the CONTACT newsletter and the PNA website.

We welcome this new working group which will ensure a greater efficiency of our communications with PNA members and better support for the Association’s priorities.

The CAB will be made up of the following volunteers:

Steve Athey – Toronto

Rick Knowles – Halifax

Talin Vartanian – Toronto

Micheline Savoie – Montréal

Maud Beaulieu – Regina

Claude Morin – Rimouski