Call for Nominations: Election of national officers of the CBC Pensioners National Association

January 15, 2024

Dear members,

This communique signals the beginning of the call for nominations for the election of national officers of the CBC Pensioners National Association (PNA).

Nominations and seconders of candidates must be submitted to the Elections Committee by e-mail, with all concerned parties copied, at no later than March 22.

The available positions are:

  1. President (Anglophone)*
  2. Vice President (Anglophone)
  3. Vice President (Francophone)
  4. Treasurer

*As per our bylaws (8.1), the presidency of the Association shall alternate between the two official language groups in the following manner: there shall be no more than two consecutive terms in either language before alternation must take place. However, the presidency may alternate languages after a single term. As we are coming to the conclusion of two consecutive francophone terms, the bylaws stipulate that we select an anglophone for the next presidential term. Nominees for president shall declare as either Francophone or Anglophone, but not both.


 To be eligible for election, a candidate shall:

  • be a voting member in good standing of the Association;
  • not have been declared incapable by a Court in Canada or in another country;
  • not have the status of bankrupt;
  • affirm acceptance of the nomination and commitment to serve;
  • attest in writing to their qualifications for nomination and shall adhere to the PNA code of conduct;
  • be nominated and seconded by voting members in good standing.

There shall be no self nominations. All PNA members may participate.

Elected officers will serve a three-year term.

New universal voting system

All members will have the opportunity to vote in April. We have chosen a voting platform that is secure and easy to use. Members without an e-mail address will have the option of voting by phone. Instructions will be provided at a later date.

Elections Committee

Your Elections Committee is made up of PNA members who represent our membership, both geographically and linguistically. In addition to planning the election process in accordance with our bylaws to ensure its integrity and fairness, the committee will verify the eligibility of the nominees for office.

Suzanne Cunningham – Chair, Anne Fagan,  Robert Forrow, Jean-Claude Labrecque, Michel Morin


If you have any questions about the process, please e-mail

Your Elections Committee