Farmers give back

Farmers are an important part of ensuring a strong, diverse food supply across the country. And in every region, farmers work to contribute to the fabric of communities like yours. Here are four unique benefits Canadian farmers offer:

Nutritious food. A balanced diet is made up of a variety of protein sources, healthy fats and grains.  Canadian farmers take great pride in delivering the fresh, local and high-quality products that we want and expect.

Product variety. In Canada, the diversity of our climate and robust farming operations means we can enjoy a wide variety of locally grown fruits and vegetables. From delicious berries to vegetables, we’re rich in homegrown selections. When it comes to eggs — from classic white and brown eggs to enriched colony, free range, free run, organic and vitamin-enhanced eggs — the choice is yours.

Local supply. Enjoying local foods supports our economy and is better for the environment, since products don’t have to travel as far to reach you. There are over 1,100 egg-farming families across Canada in every province and the Northwest Territories — so you know your eggs are always fresh and local.

Community support. Many farmers go above and beyond to lend a helping hand by donating food and funds to local charities and food banks. For example, every year, Egg Farmers of Canada donates millions of eggs to local food banks, school breakfast programs and other organizations.

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