Here is what I’ve been up to! Gino Piazza



Welcome everyone and like my fellow co-workers I have been quite busy since retirement. I normally hum or sing the song Eight Days a Week as 7 is just not enough and I thought retirement would be a slow process!

Lately, I have been putting in more time working on our home. Since we first purchased it in 1989 (built in 1897?), every time you open a wall you receive one of two surprises. One, this has been in the wall how long what a treasurer or more often, I wished I would have left it alone! Lately, with a few extra hours on my hands(?), I have turned to learning the secrets behind baking Sourdough breads. Past experience working at Blak’s Bakery during my early years should have made this an easy task. Not so, as I came to learn with many errors. The Sourdough bread is not quite perfected and still has a way to go. I have some great resourceful individuals guiding me along and who knows maybe there is another book in the future . I have been experimenting with the discarded sourdough starter on almost anything that comes to mind.

The photos below are all Sourdough eats.