Johnson Insurance Rebranding

Say hello to exclusive savings on car and home insurance through belairdirect.

Johnson Car and Home Insurance began an exciting rebranding transformation, evolving into belairdirect while preserving all the ingredients and history that made this brand so well-respected. Under the belairdirect brand, you will continue to have access to exclusive offers and coverage, ensuring that insurance is one less thing for you and your family to worry about.

We understand that you require coverage that makes your life easier. Fortunately, belairdirect has you covered. As a member of The CBC Pensioners National Association, our tailored insurance deals are designed to simplify the insurance process for you, providing convenience and peace of mind.

You’ll also enjoy enhanced home coverage and the option for great car insurance add-ons with their Affinity Plus endorsement. Plus, a suite of helpful digital tools that make managing your insurance a breeze!

Visit or call 1-833-887-4626


MEDOC Travel Insurance with Johnson Insurance

The Medoc travel insurance plan is still under the Johnson Brand for now. A significant investment has been made to overhaul the existing Travel insurance program system. Once the new system is up and running, the MEDOC plan will then be moved under the belair brand. Until then, please continue to call the Johnson Medoc Travel plan at 1-866-606-3362 for any questions.