News regarding the newsletter The Transmitter

Dear fellow CBC Radio-Canada retirees.

A big update came out of our Regional PNA (Alta, Sask, NWT) AGM on September 14!
Sorry, it’s not about the pension surplus…but it is about our Newsletter, The Transmitter.

In the past, the Transmitter team out of Regina, with editor Joanne Skidmore, did a great job.  Since Joanne has stepped down, the poor Transmitter languished, but hope springs eternal! A team stepped up at our AGM and somehow, I ended up as coordinator/editor.

We are aiming for our first issue to appear at the end of November. And this is where you could come in: we love to have stories of your activities and happenings of the last year. We have just been reminded of the 23 trips the Queen along with HRH made to Canada. I know many of you were involved in the TV and radio coverage. So, how about sending us your royal broadcast moments and memories?

You have until October 14th to get your wonderful words to me, and a photo would be a great bonus too.

Do e-mail me if you need further details or to let me know you are on board:

Best wishes and thanks,

Julia Sargeaunt