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Technology Corner by Paul Roy

In the market for a new cell phone and/or cell phone plan? Here’s a few tips to help navigate these often murky waters. Purchasing a phone on a 2-year contract may net you a 50-100% reduction in up front phone cost, but beware that, to obtain this phone cost reduction, your monthly plan cost may […]

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Computer Pop-Ups Warnings

Tech support pop-up warnings occur when a user is browsing the Internet. Usually, the target is viewing a website that contains links to related content, and when the user clicks on one of those links it will redirect them to a website hosting the pop-ups. These pop-ups can be terribly intrusive, making it difficult for […]

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Technology Corner – Television

My 12yr old plasma TV finally bit the dust! Despite decades working for CBC, I’m embarrassed to say, I was not too up to date on all the new TV technology available to consumers these days. For those of you in the same situation, here’s some info I gathered while researching my purchase. Download file.

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