The CBC NL Pensioners Association Pop-Up Picnic

The CBC NL Pensioners Association Pop-Up Picnic on August 18, 2021 Wednesday was awesome!  Warm weather and a gentle breeze greeted us with loads of shade avail to enjoy the festivities in Doreen’s backyard garden at Wedgewood Park, St. John’s. Perfecto. ?

Check out the photos on the website:

Lots of last-minute prep for our spur-of-the-moment adventure suggested by Dianne. Naturally, VP Judy quickly assembled an ace team including Irene and Doreen. Many thanks to the Committee for pulling this event together so quickly. Attendees appreciated everything !

All hands were joyfully assembled by the time yours truly clamoured on deck (fashionably late or … lost in the wilds of the east end ?) – Doreen’s nerves rubbed raw, Dianne and Judy gone cracked piling food tables, and Irene chillin’ like a Water Street merchant enjoying a day away from the downtown hustle and bustle … ?

I attempted to arrive bearing gifts but my 1960s relics – lightweight lawn chairs – were, mercifully, not pressed into service, saving some personal embarrassment perhaps and possibly even a senior citizen or two. Fancy Toyz ‘R’ NOT Us.

There were snacks aplenty, drinks galore (three, count ’em THREE coolers full) even before the dish, desserts, and the candy. Plus ice cream treats … Yumm !  Lotsa grub in the garden, pizza devoured and prizes drawn.

Gordon Pick hit a sweet green spot as he and Telsie were handing out fresh produce from their garden for all to take home !  Rare to see such impressive cucumbers and zucchini so early in the season plus the lettuce varieties just picked that morning. Great job G&T, thank you !

Amidst all the food, fun and frivolity, we paused a moment to remember and reflect upon the lovely life of Audrey Withers who recently passed away. End of an era. Wow, nearly 96 years of family and adventure. RIP Mrs Withers.

After a floral presentation by VP Judy to host Doreen, games ensued !

There was one contest which vaguely resembled a “Horse Shoes” and “TiddlyWinks” mix-up mash-up. George/Shirley and Dianne/Irene seemed to have that competition well in hand. Looked like fun but other challenges beckoned.

Particularly a tossing balls-type arena to which I was reluctantly recruited. Now, reputation evidently preceded when first taunts referenced my *slight* lack of accuracy to hit the bullseye whilst throwing darts at previous Pensioners Association Darts Daze. And it’s true, I have missed the triple 20 err … dart board … ok, the friggin’ wall on many occasions. But, hey, I always fetched my darts from the ceiling, at least !  That should count for a medal, right !?  “Higher, Stronger, Further, Faster” or something like that !?!?

Now, whilst seeking a strategy for a new challenge it is prudent to devise a plan. You need something like home-field advantage. Having never played that ballsy game before, I immediately made eyes with the hostess with the mostess, doyenne Doreen, and we quickly clicked paired-up. What a dream team !  BUT we faced formidable opponents – Gordon and Telsie. It seemed the game would never end as no pints were guzzled scored forever … to the point where I suggested we contemplated a winning score of 11 (or even 3) instead of 21. Next thing you know Gordelsie are wrapping their balls all around and it is Game ON !  As my *very* patient teammate said in advance of hosting this Pop-Up Picnic event: “Oh me nerves”. The good news is: THE HOME TEAM PREVAILED !  Yay Gloreen !!!

It was a fabulous afternoon !  Thanks again to Doreen for hosting, Dianne for instigating, Irene for organizing, and VP Judy for being … Vice-President Judy, the coolest wrangler evah !

Prize winners this time around were:

Bobby Button (and Jennifer) – Worth the trek in from around the Bay ?  Huh ??
Lois Hicks (cheering-on the home team, chatting discreetly behind our backs 🙂
Geo George Noseworthy and his amazing Tiddly Winks partner Shirley
Glenn Payette (lovely to see GP at Sin Jawwns and thanks, dude, for bringing extra garden chairs)
Ralph Pottle (along with pretty decent ball flicker Peggy)
Kevin Whitten (not much action on the field, Kevin and Sheila … lotsa gabbing though 🙂

Folks, it was a fine day enjoyed by all.