Here is what I’ve been up to! Dan Kennedy

Radio Tech

Hello fellow retirees, I hope everyone is well.  I feel like my days spent tech-in for Radio Noon when it was a farm show with Barbara Peacock and Herb Colling prepared me well for being in a pandemic.

All those ag stories about composting, hydroponics, crop rotation and greenhouse crops had influenced me.  Since my retirement five years ago from CBC Windsor, I’ve turned to vegetable gardening. At the beginning of the lockdown, last year I built myself a small greenhouse. This will be my first season using it. It’s made from old windows including two stained glass windows from my grandmother’s house. I grow three types of tomatoes, lettuce, garlic, herbs, strawberries and in container bags, potatoes.  This past winter I began growing lettuce in the basement of our home using a hydroponic set up I made. Super easy! It was great to pick fresh lettuce in February.

My second career is working two mornings a week at the neighbourhood Home Hardware store. (As I promised Mary Weins back in the 90’s!) I cut keys, mix paint, plumbing fails, delivering snowblowers and lawnmowers. We are an essential service. It’s a blast meeting the customers and the discount and notoriety is pretty cool too.

During the rest of my time, I help babysit our three-year-old granddaughter, kayak, noodle my guitar, and race radio control sailboats. All socially distanced pastimes.  Take care, stay safe, keep busy!