Dialogue pilot to end

The pilot project that allowed CBC retirees and employees on-line access to a virtual health network is coming to an end.

Dialogue was introduced on a trial basis last April and provided access to services such as the filling and renewal of prescriptions, request blood work or a referral to a specialist, consultation for minor conditions (allergies, UTI, infections, etc.), and consultation with a medical team for any questions related to stress, insomnia and anxiety.

The one-year pilot cost approximately $600-thousand to deliver, with 25% being paid by the CBC. The remaining amount came from a fund managed by the Consultative Committee on Staff Benefits (CCSB).

An examination of usage revealed that only about one percent of retirees took advantage of the program. So, based on the cost and the usage it was felt continuation of the program in its current form could not be supported.

We remind PNA members that, while the services may not be the same, most provinces provide some sort of on-line and phone health services.