Election of national officers: Help shape the PNA’s future by submitting a nomination

It is an exciting and busy time for the CBC Pensioners National Association (PNA) as we prepare for the spring elections of the national officers who will form the board’s executive committee.

Information about candidates
We have already received nominations and posted information about the candidates to the PNA Web site. We will update this page as other nominations come in.

We are working on pre-recorded Q&A sessions with each candidate that we will also post to the web site.

So, please continue to check the page.

Members who do not have an e-mail address will receive a package of information by mail after the nomination period closes on March 22.

Meet the candidates
We are planning Zoom meetings to give you an opportunity to meet the candidates and ask questions. This will take place after the nomination period closes and we will provide details at a later date.

Help shape the future of the PNA

If you know someone who would be a great candidate for one of these roles, please consider nominating them. Nominations must be submitted to the Elections Committee by e-mail at info@cbcpensioners.ca no later than March 22 and include:

  • The candidate you are nominating
  • The position for which the candidate is being nominated
  • A seconder
  • Both the candidate and seconder must be copied on the e-mail

All candidates must provide a recent photo and half-page bio that we can share to members as soon as possible.

The following positions are available:

  1. President (Anglophone)
  2. Vice President (Anglophone)
  3. Vice President (Francophone)
  4. Treasurer

Criteria are outlined here and the duties are outlined in Article 6.2 of the bylaws.

Voting period

E-voting and phone voting will take place between April 15 from 00:01 a.m. to April 22 at 11:59 p.m. (EST).

Elections Committee

Your Elections Committee is made up of PNA members who represent our membership, both geographically and linguistically. In addition to planning the election process in accordance with our bylaws to ensure its integrity and fairness, the committee will verify the eligibility of the nominees for office.

Suzanne Cunningham, Chair
Anne Fagan, Robert Forrow, Jean-Claude Labrecque, Michel Morin