Do not panic if you’ve submitted your surplus payout consent form online and have not received any confirmation. We have heard from a number of pensioners expressing concern over the lack of acknowledgement.

When a Plan member sends their ballot by email, they should receive an auto-reply message, which means technically that PAC received their emails. On some occasions, the automatic response may go to spam, trash or may even be blocked by the member’s internet provider and unfortunately, that is something that can’t be controlled.

However, if the consent requirement level is not met PAC will follow-up with the Plan members who have not sent in their ballot (either by email or mail) or who have not completed their form correctly (e.g. have not checked a box, no signature).

In the meantime, for those who have not received the automatic reply, they can also send their form by mail. PAC will need to ensure, however, that the vote is not counted twice.