Home Sweet Home

It may sound strange, but the challenges of COVID-19 have actually made a positive difference in my life.  After spending so much of the last 25 years at CBC/Radio-Canada in planes, trains and hotels – being retired and spending so much time at home has not been a hardship. What has made this early part of retirement particularly enjoyable is building a home life centred on family.  My aunt of 96 is living with us now, since visitors are no longer allowed in personal care homes. I am learning a whole new set of skills as a caregiver.  To be sure, we haven’t gone south for a warm vacation or visited with friends and family, but the unconditional love and joy of our little dog Echo keeps our spirits up.  Louise and I hope we can reconnect with our Regina and Saskatoon friends from CBC /R-C very soon.

Monique Marcotte

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