Medoc Covid-19 Update – March 23, 2020

Dear MEDOC Customer,
We appreciate this is an uncertain time, and our customers’ well-being and safe return to Canada is the top priority. Following the Government of Canada’s formal address on March 13, 2020 advising all Canadians to return home, we’d like to remind you that coverage for most MEDOC customers will end tomorrow March 23, 2020.

However, for customers who are trying to make arrangements to return to Canada, but are unable to do so before March 23, 2020, your coverage will continue for a period that is reasonably necessary for you to safely return home if any of the following reasons apply:

·  There are no flights available, but you have booked the next available flight after March 23, 2020; proof of the purchased flight will be required.

·  Your current location is under quarantine or the national borders have been closed.

·  Your doctor has given medical advice not to travel; a written medical note will be required.

·  You are experiencing another situation which makes you unable to reasonably and safely return home. These will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

IMPORTANT: You may need to obtain additional coverage if you have reached the maximum number of days of travel allowed on your current plan. Please confirm your coverage end date. A revised return date may require a policy extension. Please visit for more details or call 1-866-606-3362.

Making a Claim
To make a Trip Cancellation or Trip Interruption claim online via Global Excel, please click here and then click on “Notify us of a claim” at the top right.

Uncertain about your coverage after March 23, 2020?
Here’s what you can do:

·  Please visit for an extensive list of FAQs including “My return to Canada is delayed, do I need a coverage extension?” along with details about your coverage, including how to make a claim.

·  Customers with questions about their individual coverage and travel plans should contact Johnson directly at 1-866-606-3362 Monday to Friday or email with subject “URGENT – Not able to return”

We hope this information helps provide more clarity on your travel insurance coverage.

Safe travels and best wishes,
Johnson Insurance

Johnson Insurance is a tradename of Johnson Inc. (“JI”), a licensed insurance intermediary, and operates as Johnson Insurance Services in British Columbia and Johnson Inc. in Manitoba.