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The Golden Horseshoe’s jewel in the crown presses forward in spite of the Pandemic

It was March 13, with the arrival of Spring tantalizing close, when the COVID-19 pandemic forced the Royal Botanical Gardens to shut its gates. It is Canada’s largest botanical garden. The RBG covers 2,700 acres and boasts 27 kilometers of trails. It is also a National Historic Site and is recognized by UNESCO as a […]

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On March 14 when the lockdown was announced I was more than happy to just stay home and relax. At first, like many of us, I thought it would be the perfect time to get to those ‘projects’ we all have but keep putting off until we have more time to dedicate to them.  Well, […]

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My Covid-19 Fitness Tour

I have been a year-round recreational tennis player for roughly a quarter-century, playing two or three times a week – indoors in winter, outdoors in summer. So, when COVID-19 forced the courts to close it left a gaping hole in my life. I was sad but understood the necessity in order to curb the spread […]

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New normal is now “near” normal

The easing of restrictions actually allowed my wife and I to go on something called a vacation. That’s right, we literally got in our car and racked up thousands of kilometers on a trip to British Columbia which had previously banned the horrible hordes of easterners from Wild Rose Country. We visited the family at […]

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Living with Covid-19, the virus with collateral damage

Some of us have lived through and survived world wars, cold wars, market crashes, tornadoes, hurricanes, Spanish and Asian flus, plane crashes and marital crashes and have come through the other side more or less intact. Now, a virus that came from nowhere has overnight changed the physical and mental landscape of our world. We […]

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