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7 steps to calm your inner world with words Spring has sprung and hope is in the air, but not everyone is feeling peachy. It’s been a tough winter and your inner world might still be thawing out. That’s ok! Before you let the sunshine in, it can actually help you to sit with the stormy […]

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Elections of PNA Officers – May 2021  

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Here is what I’ve been up to! Gino Piazza

  Welcome everyone and like my fellow co-workers I have been quite busy since retirement. I normally hum or sing the song Eight Days a Week as 7 is just not enough and I thought retirement would be a slow process! Lately, I have been putting in more time working on our home. Since we […]

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Here is what I’ve been up to – Bob Steele

Many knew Bob as the host of the afternoon radio show ‘Afternoon Drive’. What many may not know is that he had a long career as a touring musician/composer before joining the CBC in 1987. He played in several groups and toured throughout Ontario and Mid-West USA. After retiring from the CBC there was another […]

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Here is what I’ve been up to! Dan Kennedy

Hello fellow retirees, I hope everyone is well.  I feel like my days spent tech-in for Radio Noon when it was a farm show with Barbara Peacock and Herb Colling prepared me well for being in a pandemic. All those ag stories about composting, hydroponics, crop rotation and greenhouse crops had influenced me.  Since my […]

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