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CBC’s Vice President of People and Culture has released a statement about the status of the CBC Pension Plan (Update on the CBC Pension Plan – iO CBC_Radio-Canada-april 19 2023). In it, he confirms that the Plan is in a surplus position and that the Corporation will be taking another pension contribution holiday this year. While he […]

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Micheline Provost, Interim Francophone Vice-President

I am pleased to announce the appointment of Micheline Provost as Interim Francophone Vice-President of the PNA. Micheline had a lengthy career with Radio-Canada until her retirement in 2009. She was President of the Syndicat des communications de Radio-Canada and, since 2018, Micheline has been Vice-President of the Association québécoise des retraités(e)s de Radio-Canada. Micheline […]

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Sharing the Pension Plan Surplus: Update on the Memorandum of Agreement Arbitration

Dear members, After more than a year of hearings, all that remains is a decision as to whether CBC pensioners and employees will get a share of last year’s declared pension plan surplus. The arbitrator, Justice Dennis O’Connor, has directed the parties to submit arguments in writing between now and April 12. A final hearing […]

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Why I Joined the CBC Pensioners’ Association: A Surviving Spouse’s Story

It has been almost a decade since my husband, Paddy Gregg, died leaving me to navigate life in a suddenly lonely and uncertain world. I remember the blur of demands that followed his death and the many decisions that had to be made about the funeral, insurance, taxes and so on. But one thing I […]

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Announcement of the PNA Interim President

Dear members, Following Alain Pineau’s resignation, Donald Langis, currently the Francophone Vice-President, will assume the duties of Interim President of the CBC PNA, effective immediately. He will be supported by the members of the board to ensure a smooth transition and to provide continued service and support to our members. We would like to thank Alain […]

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