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Summer Heatwave Survival Tips

NC) Along with summer comes extreme heat in many parts of the country. Over the next 30 years the number of extremely hot days in a year is expected to double in some parts of Canada. This level of heat can put your health at risk if you don’t take precautions. Here are some key […]

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LIVING IN COVID TIMES by Jeanne Choquette

The image of a retired person who has since become crazy busy definitely describes me since September of 2014. My “retirement” began with the organizing of the “CBC I care/Radio-Canada j’y tiens” concert at the NAC. Right after that, I became my mother’s caregiver, which I really enjoyed. At the same time I was volunteering […]

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More accessible virtual health care

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented many challenges and obstacles to be overcome. For example some businesses adopted telework, speeding up existing digital transformation efforts and obtaining mechanisms in order to be able to function remotely. Self-isolation and physical distancing became a requirement, and the healthcare sector responded accordingly. Since March 2020, a number of people have been able to consult a […]

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CBC Pension Board – Communiqué June 2021

Communiqué – June 2021

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The final act of the Triennial Convention was played out on Friday, May 21st, with the election of the four national officers of the Association. Alain Pineau who, as the retirees’ representative on the CBC Pension Board of Trustees has been a member of our board of directors for the past several years, was acclaimed […]

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