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Flu Clinics across Canada

Find a clinic where you can get the flu vaccine or get information about the flu from your province or territory. Read more.

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Over 40? Beware of the early signs of cataracts

(NC) Detection for cataracts starts younger than you think. As you age, your eyes undergo natural changes. However, if this includes blurry vision, difficulty seeing in dim light or extra sensitivity to light, these might be symptoms of cataracts. Recent studies have found that more than 2.5 million Canadians have cataracts. This common eye disorder […]

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Darce Fardy: How dementia handles me

A close friend suggested to me that because I write so much about how I handle dementia I should devote a column on how dementia handles me. I don’t know where to start. Dorothea and my family will have to help me there. The most obvious issue is balance and that attracts the attention of […]

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Bill C-27 and Bob Waller’s letter to his Liberal MP

The pre-halloween election by Howard Simpson As we must all know by now, a federal election will be held in late October – – remarkably close to Halloween. Why do we care about this timing? Because these two dates could have something in common – the return from the dead. Download file. Protect your pension. […]

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Breathing machine claim changes in Ontario, Manitoba & Sasktachewan

Effective April 8, 2019, Great-West Life will cover the cost of copays for PAP breathing machines in Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Download file.

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