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Darce Fardy – Return to Gym

It’s comforting to know that studies continue on the mystery of dementia. I have read that the brain tissue lab at Dalhousie University, led by Dr. Sultan Darvesh, has concluded that there’s hope for a cure for Alzheimer’s or, at least, that one in three cases may be preventable. This comforts me. Dementia is something […]

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Genealogy – Choose a strategy

For many people, researching Family History means tracing members of a family, showing the relationships among them, recording their family stories, collecting their treasured photos and documents, and sharing all that with other family members. Genealogy, on the other hand, is often considered to be a more structured activity that incorporates standard ways of recording information, rigorous […]

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Seniors and Aging – Vision Care

The Issue As people get older, it is normal for their vision to change. However, there are steps you can take to preserve your eyesight and improve your vision – an important part of staying safe and independent. Background The effects of aging on vision can range from mildly irritating changes to serious eye diseases. […]

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DARCE FARDY: Meeting the most interesting people

We have a mystery in this house. I do nothing and am always tired, wiped out even. You can guess who does all the work. I just finished reading The Leisure Seekers, a novel about a couple in their 80s, the husband with severe dementia and his wife with an incurable health problem. The husband […]

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Life Lines – March 2018 – Importance of Sleep

In need of a comfortable, restful night’s sleep? Quality sleep – the kind that makes you look refreshed and feeling energized – is exactly what the doctor ordered. In fact, sleep is as important to your health as diet, nutrition and exercise. The right amount and quality of sleep improves attention, behaviour, memory, and overall […]

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