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3 things all snowbirds need to know

(NC) For many Canadians entering retirement, moving to the United States for part of the year is the perfect antidote to our harsh winter months. Yet going for an extended stay is a bit more complicated than simply packing a suitcase and hopping on a plane. Alain Forget, director and head of sales at RBC […]

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Computer Pop-Ups Warnings

Tech support pop-up warnings occur when a user is browsing the Internet. Usually, the target is viewing a website that contains links to related content, and when the user clicks on one of those links it will redirect them to a website hosting the pop-ups. These pop-ups can be terribly intrusive, making it difficult for […]

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Life Lines – Addiction and Recovery

Regardless of income, race, colour, religion or gender, addiction does not discriminate and may affect anyone. Recovering from addiction is a lifelong journey where individuals are faced with varying obstacles and challenges throughout everyday life. The courage and strength of those recovering from addiction is unprecedented, as they often face discrimination and stigmas while maintaining […]

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FARDY: Forgetting is a central fact of life for me

Pleasant diversions are a wonderful antidote for dementia. I had them in spades recently. Son Peter and and wife Carol invited Dorothea, daughter Donna and me to a no expense flight to Toronto and tickets to see Come From Away, that wonderful stage show recognizing the hospitality the people of Gander, N.L., provided to airline […]

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Seniors and Aging – Osteoarthritis

The Issue Osteoarthritis is caused by the wearing down of cartilage in the joints of the body, causing varying degrees of pain, stiffness and swelling. A majority of Canadians will be affected by it by age 70. However, there are prevention and coping strategies that can help seniors with the disease remain active and enjoy […]

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