Stress and Mindful Wellness Courses

The College of the North Atlantic (CNA) is offering a series of four “Stress and Mindful Wellness” community education courses, which are available to the public. These courses will help you develop skills to focus on self-care during this unprecedented time. These free-of-charge courses will be offered through CNA’s online Distributed Learning (DL) platform.

Each segment will be available for a four-week period, and participants will be able to log in and access courses at leisure. They can be completed in a day, or ideally, practiced every day for that four-week period. These courses are designed to redirect your attention back to the present and the things you can control. They are easy to follow and best of all, no exams, and no marks! These courses are self-directed and there is no pressure or requirement for you to participate on online discussions. We truly hope you enjoy these courses and find them beneficial. Additional questions can be sent to