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Extreme heat: heat waves

Many places in Canada have a high number of extreme heat events, often called “heat waves.” Extreme heat can put your health at risk, causing illnesses like heat stroke and even death. It is important to take steps to protect yourself and your family. What are extreme heat events? Extreme heat events involve high temperatures […]

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DARCE FARDY: For the snowbound, spring gives new lease on life

“Spring has sprung, the grass has riz. I wonder where the birdies is.” Or to borrow Martin Luther King’s words: “Free at last free at last.” Seems a bit of an extreme welcome to spring but it gives me a new lease on life. Even to sit on the front deck and wave to neighbours […]

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Computer Eye Strain: 10 steps for relief

With so many of us using computers, computer eye strain has become a major complaint. Studies show that eye strain and other bothersome visual symptoms occur in 50 to 90 percent of computer workers. Read more.

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Darce Fardy – Family Helps

Frustration. It’s a long word with many consequences. There’s no pain with frustration but that’s the only kind thing I can say about it. Frustration is watching Dorothea clear the snow off the car in the driveway. In fact, frustration ramps up when I see her doing so many things I used to do. She […]

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Darce Fardy – Living with dementia

I think I am doing fairly well as far as advancing dementia is concerned. I think Dorothea agrees. I know she is always on alert, but we can still enjoy ourselves. I relieved her of one substantial worry when I voluntarily decided to stop driving. I read recently that one of the issues relevant to […]

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