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Survey Results

Earlier this year, we conducted a survey targeting CBC pensioners. The results will guide our work moving forward. To read the complete analysis, click  on this link: Survey Results – Pensioners – EN

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Thank you for your support!

Dear Members, I would like to express my gratitude for your overwhelming response and positive reactions to the communication we sent on May 26 giving an update on the MOA file. As many of you had asked what you could do to support our action, we invited you to express your dissatisfaction directly to the […]

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2021 Highlights and 2021 Annual Report of the CBC Pension Plan

Dear CBC Pension Plan Member, The CBC Pension Board of Trustees has released the 2021 Highlights and the 2021 Annual Report of the CBC Pension Plan (the Plan). The Highlights provide a brief overview of the Plan’s Financial and Membership statistics for the 2021 fiscal year. The Annual Report provides members with a full review of the […]

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Memorandum of Agreement Update

Dear Members, In recent weeks, you have voiced your frustration and anger about the dispute between the PNA & Unions and the CBC over the MOA, the agreement which set out the terms for the sharing of future pension surpluses. CBC’s position is that the MOA is no longer in force and as such, contends […]

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The situation regarding the Pension Plan Surplus

What’s new? The CBC Pensioners National Association (PNA) and its union partners have asked an arbitrator to take steps to protect our share of the current pension plan surplus. We have asked the arbitrator Dennis O’Connor to instruct the CBC to set aside an amount of money equal to pensioners’ and employees’ pension surplus entitlement. […]

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