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Home Sweet Home

It may sound strange, but the challenges of COVID-19 have actually made a positive difference in my life.  After spending so much of the last 25 years at CBC/Radio-Canada in planes, trains and hotels – being retired and spending so much time at home has not been a hardship. What has made this early part […]

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Pandemic Polling

More than 13,000 people worked at 1,100 polls during last October’s provincial election in Saskatchewan.  Among them was retired CBC staffer Paul Grant, who filed this report on pandemic-style polling.  The way our polling place was set up, you’d think Saskatchewan invented social distancing.  Three polling stations were spaced across one end of the half-acre […]

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A feel-good story with a happy ending

Early in February you may remember the message reporting that Henry Thompson (CBC Vancouver Technical Storesman from 1982 to 1992) had moved to a long term care residence in Burnaby, B.C. last year and that in the months since then, his treasured CBC jacket had gone missing.  Henry was very upset at losing this very […]

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Danielle S. Marcotte – Author

Biography– She left the Masters Program in History at University of Victoria to work for Radio-Canada in 1974. She worked for the national broadcaster in Vancouver for over 30 years as a radio host, interviewing countless artists, political figures, and citizens of all walks of life, on a daily basis. Now retired, she writes for […]

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Virtual Reading with Anne Budgell – February 25, 2021

“Let ’em die”: The 1918 Influenza Pandemic in Labrador, by Anne Budgell During the second wave of the pandemic of “Spanish” influenza in 1918, the virus was brought to the coast of Labrador at the end of the fishing and shipping season. People started dying days after the last vessels sailed away for the long […]

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